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Any Competitive exams like SSC / Banking / Railway / B.Ed. / CT / Teachers’ Eligibility
Tests are not that easy to success, but it is not impossible. With proper guidance from
Expert Faculties and personal hard work, one can crack any competitive exam.
Efficient Study Plan
 Keep some free time in between study hours
 Use highlighter pen for your study material
 Study time has to be planned systematically
 You can drink some tea or coffee for refreshment
 Keep yourself free from distractions. Switch off your mobile while studying, it is always
 Avoid stresses during competitive exams
 Early morning is the best time for study
 Never schedule your timetable for similar kind of subjects one after another
 During Coaching, some Key Words will be given, try to remember them
 Revision time is MOST IMPORTANT
 Study sessions in Couching Institute are kept shorter that work better
 Proper diet and exercises are to be maintained during preparation
 Study hard
BIDYASAGAR ACADEMY, at Chandi Road, Cuttack with numbers of Expert Faculties
separate for each subject invites the aspirants to join for any type of Competitive Examinations,
at AFFORDABLE FEE STRUCTURE, payable in easy Instalments. Separate HOSTEL
facilities are available for boys and girls.

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