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bidya sagar english

Want to speak Fluent English ? we have arranged a special trainer for you. in our class we have got Learned English Gurus those guide you as a mentor does. Whether you be a student, job seeker, housewife or a working professional,you need to know english and that’s a mandatory.

In this English speaking course you will find :

  • Learn how to form important verbs.
  • Talk about daily routine.
  • Describe people you know and things that you have.
  • Understand how to give personal information.
  • Study everyday expressions and understand when they are used by other people.
  • Communicate things you might need in simple day-to-day situations.

This course fits for:

  • Beginner level students.
  • Students preparing for job interview.
  • Students preparing for IELTS Life Skills Speaking and Listening
  • Working Professionals
  • Housewives.